5 tips for staying mentally healthy when working from home

19th March 2020

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Alicia, Take 1's Mental Health First Aider

It is really important to stay positive and keep active during self-isolation. Although this is a difficult time, there are many things we can do whilst we have some extra time to do them, in the evenings and at the weekend at home. From clearing out the cupboard you have been putting off clearing out for a while to calling a relative you haven’t spoken to recently, or picking up a new hobby, like art or drawing.

I have put together 5 top-tips for keeping mentally healthy and staying positive during this period:

  1. Keep in communication – If you are living alone, talk to people, call them, facetime them or email them, don’t shut yourself off from human interaction as this could leave you feeling isolated, likewise, if you know anyone who is living alone, call them, check in on them and make sure they know you are there for them to talk to.
  2. Seek and spread only accurate information – The media is full of information surrounding the outbreak, but make sure you are reading from reputable sources, the media is helpful and informative but can also be overwhelming. Try to listen to facts and figures surrounding the outbreak.
  3. Keep active – There are many ways to keep active while being indoors, there are social media platforms offering free workouts and nutrition advice so you can make sure you are eating healthy and keeping active. Don’t forget, you can still get outside as long as you are following the government guidelines for social distancing.
  4. Get some sleep – Getting the recommended amount of sleep each night will keep your immune system strong. Try to disconnect 30 minutes before bedtime to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  5. Decluttering – Why not use the extra time spent at home to organise your home? Remove things you don’t need and organise your space, this will help you to feel productive and give you a clearer mindset.