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Access Services

Make your content more accessible with professional video captions and audio description services from Take 1, tailored to suit your budget, deadline, and quality requirements.

Professional captioning service

We provide accurate, descriptive live and pre-recorded captions that enhance the video experience for audiences that are hard of hearing or deaf or situations where it’s not possible to watch content with the accompanying soundtrack.

Any format. Any layout. Any purpose. Captions for web projects, OTT, VOD & Broadcast.

  • Live captions

  • Pre-recorded captions

  • Roll up or pop-on

  • For broadcast or OTT

  • Full linear QC


Video caption specialists

Our professional team of editors understand the specific requirements for captioning video and take character counts, edit points and average reading speeds into consideration when writing your captions.

Live closed captions

Partnering with VITAC, a leader in the communications accessibility and TV captioning industries for more than 35 years, we’re proud to announce a new, accurate, live television captioning ASR solution specifically developed for the local news market.

Developed in-house with media and entertainment clients in mind, our proprietary ASR solution is built on a custom, adaptable and always-trained engine developed by captioning, speech, and machine-learning experts. It is designed to meet the unique and specific needs and expectations of broadcasters, networks, and content creators across the globe.

FCC and Ofcom compliant

Because we’re broadcast and media sector specialists, we are familiar with the FCC closed captioning rules and requirements and Ofcom regulations, as well as specific broadcaster, network and platform preferences.

Uncompromising quality

Regardless of volume, we never compromise on quality. Our international workforce, data-driven approach and underlying technologies provide efficiencies in our workflows so we don’t have to cut corners when creating your captions.


Clients using both our transcription and closed captioning services benefit from our data driven workflows, reducing costs and saving time by deriving data once and applying it throughout the supply chain.

Simplify your workflow through our cloud platform

Our secure-by design platform gives you access to a web-based interface to send us your videos, add comments or instructions for specific projects or media files, monitor the status of work in progress and receive the completed work.

Audio Description services

Make your film or video accessible – and enjoyable – for visually impaired audiences with audio descriptions that deliver the same creative experience as the original production.

  • Audio Description
  • Extended Audio Description
  • Cinema, broadcast & OTT

Scripting and voicing 

From AD scripts to voice recording and delivery, we’re here to help your audio description project go smoothly. 


We write descriptions that suit the tone and style of your programme – from children’s programming to nature documentaries, dramas or reality shows. Our audio descriptions enhance the script and content of your show without taking attention from the dialogue.


We offer competitive audio description rates, across a range of AD products, to suit your budget and creative needs. Choose from professional voice artists, or natural-sounding synthetic voices in a range of male / female and UK / US accents.

High Quality

We use the leading audio description software and our highly skilled, creative scriptwriters follow industry best practices and advice from the DCMP and RNIB, to create succinct, accurate descriptions that immerse audiences without telling them how to feel.

Range of Formats

As the media and entertainment industry’s preferred supplier of transcription, access and localization services, we’re familiar with the formats and delivery methods used by broadcasters, OTT platforms, cinemas and content distributors.