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Fees Schedule

  • Fee basis/Assumptions
    • Material quality

Our prices are based on the assumption that source material contains clear, professionally recorded audio. Any job where the quality of the material results in the transcription taking significantly longer than usual will be subject to a surcharge. You will be advised of any such surcharge. Examples of such occasions include:

  • Poorly miked material
  • Heavy background noise
  • Technical problems interfering with the material quality
  • Poorly recorded mini & micro cassettes
  • Heavy foreign accents


  • Administration Time

In the event that your job takes significantly longer than normal to process, we reserve the right to charge an administration surcharge of GB£60/US$90 per hour of our time.  We will of course inform you by phone or email if this becomes applicable to your job.

  • Minimum charges

Transcription of unedited material is charged at a minimum rate of 1000 words per 10 minutes of material.

If you only require certain sections to be transcribed, please supply us with explicit and accurate timecodes indicating these exact sections.  If you are unable to supply us with these timecode references, a standard charge of the full running time will apply.

A minimum charge per job will be applied as follows:

  • Transcription of Unedited Material: GB£60.00/US$90.00
  • TX01 & TX02 Scripts: GB£60.00/US$90.00
  • TX03 & TX04 Script: GB£85.00/US$135.00


  • Editing & Reversions

We charge on an hourly rate for editing and reversions as follows:

  • 5 day turnaround: GB£60.00/US$90.00 per hour
  • 4 day turnaround: GB£65.00/US$100.00 per hour
  • 3 day turnaround: GB£70.00/US$110.00 per hour
  • 2 day turnaround: GB£75.00/US$120.00 per hour
  • next day turnaround: GB£80.00/US$130.00 per hour
  • less than 24 hrs turnaround: GB£100.00/US$140.00 per hour


  • Cancellation Fee

Once you have booked in your job with us it will be included onto our system and typist capacity will be assigned to it. For our “less than 24 hour”, “next day” and “overnight express” services, cancellation fees will apply as follows:

  • Less than 24 hours notice:50% of total cost
  • Between 24 & 48 hours notice: 25% of total cost.

In respect of all jobs, regardless of turnaround, where you notify us not to proceed after we have received the media , and therefore processing has already commenced, we reserve the right to either charge you for the work already completed, or 50% of the total estimated cost, whichever is the higher.

  • Post Production /As Broadcast Scripts

Our Post Production / As Broadcast Scripts are successfully delivered to a wide variety of networks. We have adapted the layout and content of transmission scripts in accordance with what we understand networks’ requirements to be. However we strongly suggest you check the exact delivery requirements stated by your network in order to ensure that you select the transmission script which best meets their needs, and we do not accept liability if our script does not exactly meet their requirement. Examples of our post production scripts can be viewed on this website under Services / Post Production / As Broadcast Scripts.

The rates for our Post Production / As Broadcast Scripts, refer to broadcast slot, for example you will be charged for 60 minute programme, for a show which fits an hour broadcast slot, regardless of the show’s actual running time.

On occasions the BITC can cause a caption to become illegible. On these occasions we indicate as such within the body of the script.

Please note that Rough Cuts will be treated as a Transmission Script 01 and charged accordingly.

  • Translations

As with our transcripts in English, a 25% surcharge may be added for unclear or unprofessionally recorded audio, or for non-studio or poorly miked interviews.

For audio quotes, we will charge for the full duration of the file(s) provided, unless you provide in and out time codes of where the sections for translation occur.

When we charge you on an hourly rate, we will give an estimate of time that the translation will take before the job is started. This is only an estimate and we cannot be held responsible if the final number of hours differs.

For fast turnarounds and for specialist translations, such as Advertising, Marketing, Press Releases etc, we will add a 20% surcharge to the invoice total. We will notify you if a surcharge applies at the time of booking.

Where the services are to be performed at a venue provided or organised by you, Take1 Transcription shall have no liability for any accidental loss or damage caused to the premises to the fullest extent permissible by applicable law. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall be responsible for any public liability arising from occupation of the premises. You shall and hereby agree to indemnify Take1 Transcription and its employees or sub-contractors in respect of any loss, liability or damage (including but not limited to liability for death or injury) that Take1 Transcription may suffer directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with the performance of the services.

  • Minimum Charges for Translations

For audio, when logging each file/tape, we will round up to the next whole minute and charge accordingly.

Our minimum translation charge per language is £80 /US $130.

  • Listening charge

In the event that we are sent a roll for translation that does not contain any foreign language to be translated, or another foreign language (i.e. not the language that has been booked in), there will be a 50% minimum charge of the number of minutes on this roll.

  • Subtitling Terms

All rates quoted are based on the services requested and information supplied or assumed regarding duration. Duration denotes the full running time of any item of video or audio that forms part of your project and is calculated from the first frame of displayable video to the last, not including any part breaks but including all silences and pauses that form part of the video or audio being adapted by us.

All quotes are valid for a period of 30 days and may be subject to change if your project changes in any way.

Minimum charges apply (detailed at the time of individual quote).

If we are working for you for the first time or we deem it necessary, we may require a deposit payment in advance.

  • Digital Files

Whilst digital files that are uploaded to our Take1 Uploader are free of charge, we do on occasion have to charge for transcoding some file types.

Digital files that conform to our preferred file types (see our Tech Spec for details) that are uploaded to either our Take1 Uploader or your SFTP site


Small, compressed digital files such as WMVs etc. that are sent in on portable storage or DVD etc.

20p/30cents per min of material


Please note that we assume no liability for any portable storage devices which are broken or damaged during the transfer process.

  • File Durations

Pre-edited Material:

Please aim to keep the content of each digital file/tape to a maximum of 120 mins, and a minimum of 10mins.  If you send us more than 120 mins on one file, or multiple files under 10mins, you may be charged a surcharge, of which you will be advised.

Media File Durations – Pre-Edit Material Only

Media files will not always finish precisely on the minute. Therefore, all pre-edit media files received by Take1, will be rounded up (or down) to the nearest minute:

  • Media files that end with a 0 – 29 second duration will be rounded down.
  • Media files that end with a 30 – 59 second duration will be rounded up.


  • Poor labelling and/or unreliable file names

Any job requiring extra time either for administration or having to scan material for any reason, will be subject to a surcharge. You will be advised of any such surcharge. For example due to:

  • Poor file labelling
  • Unclear file log
  • Unreliable file log
  • No file log on large jobs (ie over 10 rolls)
  • Consistently faulty files


  • Timecode

We can handle all types of timecode. However, please note if the timecode on your footage is not continuous (eg time of day timecode), and you don’t forewarn us, you may be liable for a surcharge to cover the extra time this takes us. NB: There is a specific question on the booking form regarding time of day timecode.

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