IABM’s Ben Dales interviews Dom Bourne

28th October 2020

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Our founder, Dom Bourne chats to IABM‘s Ben Dales about Covid, 
cloud platforms and captioning in this video interview.










Ben Dales

Hello and welcome to IABM TV. I’m delighted to be joined by Dom Bourne, Founder and President at Take 1. Dom, welcome to IABM TV.




Dom Bourne

Hey, Ben, thanks for having me.




Ben Dales

So, Dom can you start by telling us what Take 1 does?




Dom Bourne

Yes, of course. So Take 1 is a media services provider. We were founded over twenty years ago and we really focus on transcription, post-production scripts, captioning, access services and audio description. So really all the deliverables needed through the content creation and distribution chain. We’re headquartered in the UK and we’ve got offices in Los Angeles, Connecticut,


even Santiago, Chile and we have a large distributed workforce of freelancers specifically trained in the provision of those media services that I mentioned. And that provides us with the global reach and the 24/7 operation that’s needed to serve our media and entertainment clients. Those clients range from content creators like Endemol and Shed, networks and broadcasters


like BBC and Discovery and also the SVOD guys. Even now we have vendor partners who we consider customers and we support them with their operations as well. The Take 1 brand really is synonymous with quality, reliability and I would say speed as well. We use a blend of humans and AI to create high quality products that meet the exacting standards that our


customers required. Where we excel, Ben, is sort of developing solutions and workflows for our customers and those workflows integrate really deeply with the client environments and dovetail into their production tools or their storage. So we’re pulling and pushing a lot of video files and metadata and really unlocking that value of transcription data. The areas that we tend to


support are editing, localisation, even compliance workloads throughout our structured approach to data and metadata.




Ben Dales

That’s great and so Dom, what’s your take on Covid-19 and how has it impacted Take 1?




Dom Bourne

I would say despite Covid we’ve actually been able to deliver transcription and captioning and subtitling remotely. Our model of the distributed workforce is remote enabled anyway so we’ve been set up for a long remotely and we were very much ready for Covid even before it was a thing. But as with everyone Covid-19 has had its challenges and we’ve had to adapt to different


kinds of needs and certainly new client profiles. But as a business, we’ve remained fully operational from day one of lock-down. Our systems, workflows and our processes are entirely Cloud based, enabling people to work safely from home. So that’s been great, in fact this has been the case for Take 1 for a long time and our pool of transcribers and AD experts have been remote


enabled for many, many years. So from a client perspective the Take 1 Cloud has been an essential tool and it’s been supporting productions around the globe during lock-down. And because it’s cloud based customers can access it from anywhere and it’s an entirely secure environment. We’ve also found during Covid that we’ve welcomed new clients and they’ve been adapting


their productions with different workflows and different needs. For example we’re very privileged to work on BBC Bitesize, on their daily broadcast of core subjects to school children and we work with BBC Education to support the vast amounts of national curriculum content that has been pushed out during Covid and we’ve really seen a big increase in demand of educational based






Ben Dales

So finally, what’s next for Take 1 Cloud?




Dom Bourne

Whilst productions have paused we’ve been supporting post-edit and all the shows that were lined up to be distributed or broadcast, we’ve supported them with deliverables. We’ve got a very clear business plan for the Cloud and that’s built on the fact that our content creators, distributors and clients are very comfortable with Cloud these days and all our core infrastructure is


already in AWS, which puts us in a strong position to be build from. So moving forward we already see that the Cloud platform is going to have new features and new functionality. There’s a TPN security accreditation just around the corner for Take 1 so that’ll give us more security to work on pre-release content. We’re going to be developing live captioning capabilities and


from a technology perspective we’re plumbing in more and more AI into the Take 1 Cloud and that’s going to enhance the available services. Obviously ASR is a big technology for us but there’s other technologies too, like OCR and text segmentation and they’re all on our Cloud road map. So we’re excited and via the API we’re going to be plumbing in new links to tools that


customers already live and breath on, Frame.io and Dropbox and Google drive and these sort of production tools, we’re going to be plumbing those in as well. It’s really going to see our services broaden out across whole new customer basis and it’s about getting our content into the hands of wider audiences really.




Ben Dales

Dom, thank you very much for joining us today.




Dom Bourne

Thank you, Ben.




Ben Dales

You can find out more about everything we’ve discussed today at Take1.tv.