Introducing: the Take 1 Cloud

31st January 2020

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In the fast-paced, ever changing world of the media services industry, Take 1 has maintained a reputation as an industry-leading transcription provider for over 20 years. We’ve done this by putting you, our customers, at the heart of our decision-making whilst staying at the forefront of the latest technology and industry trends. With this in mind, we would like to introduce members of the PMA to our new platform, the Take 1 Cloud.


What is the Take 1 Cloud?

The Take 1 Cloud provides painless video transcription workflows, in the cloud, to production companies, studios, localisation vendors and networks across the world.  The platform has been developed with the help of an international producer and distributor of broadcast content so we’re confident that it’s both fit for purpose and that it meets the strictest security protocols in the industry.

IT team discuss Transcription Meta Data
The Take 1 Cloud is a secure-by-design platform, providing painless video transcription workflows, in the cloud, to production companies, studios, localisation vendors and networks across the globe.

What does this mean for production teams?

In a nutshell, the Take 1 cloud makes it easy for production teams to request, manage and receive transcriptions, translations and other services from Take 1.  Specifically, this means that you can seamlessly upload video and other assets for your project along with comments or notes relating to that content, request custom turnarounds for each item, review the status of each order and download completed products in a range of formats, from the Take 1 Cloud interface.  Because it’s in the cloud, you can do all of this from anywhere, on just about any device – so you can order pre-edit transcripts from the edit suite or post-production scripts from the production office and track exactly what’s been uploaded and delivered while you’re sitting on the train.  And, because the platform is both GDPR compliant and secure-by-design, you can control who has access to what by assigning different permission levels for your team and rest assured that your content is safe from outside threats.

How does the Take 1 Cloud support high-volume workflows? 

The platform’s enhanced features provide a streamlined experience for teams working with a lot of content by automating time-consuming parts of the workflow.  The enhanced version of the Take 1 Cloud can automatically scan and transcode your content as soon as it’s dropped into a watch-folder, making a thumbnail image and watermarked preview available in the platform.  Then, when your team requests transcription or localization services for these items, the platform automatically uploads the asset and triggers the relevant tasks, so your team can focus on other things.


How do we get access to the Take 1 Cloud?

Getting access to the Take 1 Cloud couldn’t be simpler – all we need is your email address and a mobile number for two-factor authentication (we did say the platform was secure-by-design 😉) and you’re in!

To find out more about the Take 1 Cloud and how it can benefit your next production, contact Take 1 on 0800 0854418 or e-mail