Translation Services

Take 1 offers professional translation services for all sectors and is a trusted broadcast localization provider.  We help you create content that can be understood and enjoyed anywhere in the world.     


From TV translation to professional subtitling

Our services are designed to support your production & distribution processes.  Whether you’re looking for a TV interpreter to translate interviews on location or in the edit suite, need professional subtitling and translations for raw footage or final programmes, need metadata translated, or want to localize anything from talent release forms to carnet applications – we can help. 

– Metadata Translation

– Foreign Language Subtitles

– Localization

Geographically appropriate

We believe that translating content for international distribution takes more than just language skills.  Transcreation, rather than simple translation, is key to good localisation. That’s why we take the culture, beliefs and local customs of your target audience into account, ensuring that your final product is both accurately translated and appropriate for your viewers. 

Language Experts

Language skills may not be the sole criteria for creating high-quality translations, but they are critical.  Our network of 2000+ native speaking linguists can translate your content from, and into, almost every world language and dialect.  We know that some words and sayings simply don’t translate into other languages, so we apply intelligent translation and transcreation methods where we focus on the message rather than the words. 


Media specialists

Our video translators are familiar with production and localization workflows and requirements, so we can provide translations that are fit-for-purpose.  We understand how to translate video audio to support your edit process, produce foreign language subtitles that comply with different broadcaster’s subtitle guidelines (from fitting into their character and time on screen limits to formatting preferences), translating metadata and can also provide foreign language audio descriptions.        



Services to suit your budget

We use a combination of automatic video translation software, subtitle generators, professional translators and video localization specialists to provide foreign language services that meet your budget and quality needs. Our AI-powered workflows provide fast-turnaround translations at competitive prices (with or without human polishing) while word-perfect projects are handled by our team of trained professionals. 


Integrated technology

We know how to add subtitles in Premiere Pro, how to format Avid subtitles and we can provide Pivot Language Dialogue Lists to support localization of foreign content going into a different language.   Our secure-by-design cloud platform gives you access to a web-based interface to submit content and manage your project from anywhere. 


More than video translations

Now the media industry’s preferred vendor provides language services to other industries. 

Get in touch for website translation services, document translation services and any of your other translation requirements. 

  • Translation Experts
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  • 250+ languages
  • Multiple formats
  • Multi-lingual teams