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Global media and entertainment companies trust Take 1 to provide high-quality translations, subtitles, dubbing services and foreign language audio description to support their production processes and help them reach international audiences.  Our media localization services meet the same creative standards as your original production, so your content can be understood and enjoyed anywhere in the world.


We’re no ordinary translation and localization services provider.  Our data-driven approach to creating efficiencies across the value chain, technology-enabled workflows, high volume capability and media expertise make Take 1 an industry-leading broadcast localization company. 

We’ve been doing this for over two decades. 

Our teams are experts at selecting and onboarding quality, in-territory language professionals, and at managing projects for multiple clients and suppliers.  We combine the best international talent with the right technology to consistently deliver excellent work, at any volume. 

We speak your language. 

We’re media production specialists so we understand the workflows and unique pressures and demands of the industry.  We appreciate how much creative effort goes into producing video content and treat every production as though it was our own.

We cover the full content value chain.

From transcribing and translating your rushes for edit to localizing and delivering your final program, Take 1 supports your entire production and delivery workflow.  And our metadata harvesting platform, Liberty, allows us to repurpose data throughout the content value chain, saving you time and money.   

The benefits:

Support your workflow and make production easy

Maintain your production’s creative integrity

Satisfy network and streaming platform deliverables

Reduce management overhead and headaches

Save time and money


Our international network of 16,000 in-territory linguists can translate content from and into almost any language. And we can take care of high volumes at competitive rates, even when you need fast turnarounds.

On location : from TV interpreters to foreign language documents

We know what it takes to produce foreign language content and can provide all the professional translation services your team needs to support your international shoot.  Our linguists are well-versed in preparing foreign language production documents, from carnets to talent release forms, and our TV interpreters make it easy for production teams to interview people that don’t speak your language.

In the edit suite : craft stories in any language

We understand how to translate video audio to help you edit foreign language video content.   Our video translators can work alongside your editor or translate your raw footage to improve your edit and speed up the post-production process.

For distribution : final programme and metadata translation

Translating your final programme into multiple languages for international distribution is a key part of Take 1’s video translation services.  Our TV translation team takes the culture, beliefs and local customs of your target audience into account, ensuring that your final product is both accurately translated and appropriate for your viewers.

We’re also trusted by networks and streaming platforms to translate various types of programme metadata to support content discovery, versioning control and archiving. Typical metadata translations handled by Take 1’s TV translators include episode and series titles and synopses, dialogue, onscreen graphics, captions and credits, annotations, key names and phrases (KNP) and filenames.

More than video translations

Now the media and entertainment industry’s preferred vendor provides language services to other sectors. Get in touch for website translation services, document translation services and any of your other localization requirements.


Making your video content accessible to global audiences requires a combination of language skills, cultural knowledge and media industry expertise.  Our professional subtitling team delivers on all fronts. 

Intelligent transcreation

We apply an intelligent approach to translation and transcreation for subtitling, focussing on the message rather than translating individual words.  This means we can produce subtitles that cover the content at a comfortable reading speed and enhance the viewing experience.  

Satisfying subtitle guidelines

We’re well-versed in the subtitle guidelines and timed text style guides for all the leading international networks and streaming platforms.  From the proper character-per-line count and the character-per-second algorithms to formatting preferences, our foreign language subtitles always meet the required specifications.

Supporting your subtitling workflows

We’re experts at adding subtitles in Premiere Pro and formatting Avid subtitles to tailor your unique content for optimal line breaks and fluid synch.  And we can provide Pivot Language Dialogue Lists with metadata to support consistent localization of foreign content in multiple source-to-target variables.


Take 1’s exceptional voice services are underpinned by our high-quality translations and supported by an international network of partner studios and a vast pool of creative talent. 

An extensive range of resources

Our international network of in-territory linguists and partner studios allows Take 1 to provide multilanguage voice services.  We offer English language dubbing and voiceover services from our studios in Burbank and provide both in-studio and remote foreign-language audio services through our partner studios worldwide.

Dubbed content that lives up to the original production

Our clients choose Take 1’s voice dubbing service because of our attention to detail.  We translate-by-syllable to ensure perfect lip-synch, and our access to a wide range of in-territory creative directors, mixers and voice artists means we can maintain the same standards as the original production, choosing crew and talent that fits the tone, style and genre of your video.  This meticulous approach is maintained throughout the writing, recording and technical delivery of your content. 

Foreign language audio descriptions

We’ve combined our expertise in access services with our translation and transcreation skills to provide unrivalled foreign language audio descriptions for international hard of hearing or deaf audiences.  Take 1’s foreign language descriptions don’t only match the tone and style of your program; they’re also tailored to suit the culture and customs of your target audience.  As approved suppliers for the Royal National Institute of Blind People, we apply the same production standards to our AD as we do to our voice dubbing service, using our pool of talent and partner studios to provide descriptions that make your content both accessible and enjoyable.