Louise Tapia, celebrating five years as CEO

20th August 2019

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Did you know that Take 1 is one of the few businesses in the broadcast industry with a female CEO?  To commemorate Louise Tapia’s fifth year at the helm, we thought we’d share her backstory.


Louise Tapia knows her business inside-out.  She joined Take 1, a global media services vendor, as a sales manager and worked her way up in the company over the course of eighteen years, taking on roles in operations, finance, sales and marketing until 2014 when she was appointed CEO.  This shop-floor knowledge of the business makes her a practical and empathetic leader and – as she is also the director in charge of sales and finance and splits her time between America and the UK – she’s still very hands-on.


Louise has played an integral role in taking Take 1 from a small start-up in the UK to a significant player with an international presence.  She spearheaded Take 1’s move from an inhouse to an outsourced business model which exponentially increased the company’s capacity.  This new business model paved the way for the company’s growth into LA and Louise established Take 1’s first international base in Chile in her capacity as Sales and Marketing Director. She has continued this expansion since becoming CEO, with an office opening in Connecticut in 2018 and a Canadian office scheduled to open later this year.


Louise has personally built and maintained relationships with networks in the US, securing preferred vendor deals and major contracts with global content brands.  Despite the company’s growth, we still provide bespoke products and services and Louise has been instrumental in establishing distinct business units within the operation to support this, making strategic appointments to develop commercial, marketing and business development teams.  She is also an active member of industry organisations including MESA and the DPP and has led Take 1’s corporate social responsibility and work experience initiatives, improving the local communities and providing an opportunity for young people to gain hands-on experience in the industry.


Under Louise’s leadership, Take 1 has expanded their list of services beyond transcriptions to include audio description, captions and subtitles and is targeting new markets both within and outside of the media industry.  The company has also invested heavily in technology since Louise took over as CEO, developing their transcription metadata platform, Liberty, the recently-launched Take 1 Cloud platform and integrating AI products into select offerings.  These investments will future-proof the business and satisfy clients’ increasing security requirements.  Louise’s brainchild, the new product unit, is a new team dedicated to investigating emerging technologies and trialling new services to identify opportunities for growth and diversification.


As a working mum, Louise understands first-hand the difficulties that women face in this industry.  As well as being one of the few female CEO’s in a male-dominated industry, Louise has built a management team where women are in the vast majority and, by moving the business to an outsourced model, has helped 160+ women find work-life balance by providing flexible work that includes paid upskilling.


The results speak for themselves.  Under Louise’s leadership, there has been a 274% growth in Take 1’s US-based transcription work and, in October 2018, the company successfully delivered the largest volume of transcriptions, as-broadcast scripts and translations to the broadcast industry in the company’s history.

But don’t take our word for it, this is what Mark Raudonis, SVP Post Production at Bunim-Murray Productions has to say, “Louise Tapia is a rock star!  Here’s why:  In a business where deadlines are insane, and expectations are high, Louise Tapia has made sure that Take 1 consistently delivers above and beyond the call of duty.  She has proven over the years that Take 1 is a dependable, reliable partner in our post production process.  Advanced technology is a big part of the transcription process, and Louise has made sure that we can take advantage of their innovations with services like their on-prem transcription server (T-1000).  But, beyond technology, Louise has provided a personal touch for Take One, taking the time to meet with all of our post teams on a regular basis.  Those meetings have created a level of trust in our working relationship that is unusual in this industry.    It has been a pleasure working with Louise over the years, and I look forward to our partnership on future projects.”