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Translation troubles: why you should use a professional service

May 24th 2019

Ever wondered why it’s so important to have a professional service handle your translations? The following is taken from a Chinese hotel brochure which...

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Making a molehill out of a mountain – broadcast deliverables made easy

May 21st 2019

Industry outsiders imagine that working in video production is all about creating beautiful images and moving stories but, as anyone who’s responsible for managing...

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Transcription Today: An Interview With Larry Jordan

April 30th 2019

The following transcript is taken from the Digital Production Buzz podcast released on the 25th April. To listen to Dom’s interview with Larry Jordan...

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5 questions you should be asking your service providers about video content security

April 10th 2019

Whether you’re producing a feature film or reality series it’s almost guaranteed that your video content will leave the safety of your building at...

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Take 1 launches platform for secure video transcription in the cloud

March 26th 2019

Broadcast metadata and transcription specialist, Take 1, today announced the launch of the Take 1 Cloud, a cloud-based, secure by design platform, developed to...

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Testing Automatic Speech Recognition Software By Dom Bourne

March 14th 2019

An introduction to the R&D Report Welcome to Take 1’s first R&D blog.  Experimenting with new technology and exploring how we can use it...

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