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How Take 1 helps Citizen Jones deliver high quality content at speed and scale

September 5th 2019

When Cris Cardenas took the job as post-production supervisor at Citizen Jones in 2018 the film company had just started producing programming for television...

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Louise Tapia, celebrating five years as CEO

August 20th 2019

Did you know that Take 1 is one of the few businesses in the broadcast industry with a female CEO?  To commemorate Louise Tapia’s...

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Take 1 supports international distribution of BBC natural history series “Serengeti”

July 12th 2019

Take 1 has been contracted to provide post-production scripts for the BBC natural history series “Serengeti” produced by XIX Entertainment and John Downer Productions. ...

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Why logging video clips isn’t always the most efficient way to cut down edit time.

July 3rd 2019

In the old days, when Betacam was king, shoot ratios were restricted by how many tapes you could afford to take on the shoot....

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Take 1 provides post-production scripts for Sky Atlantic’s “Game of Thrones” aftershow

June 5th 2019

Znak & Co entrusted Take 1 to provide post-production scripts for the eighth series of “Thronecast” for Sky Atlantic.  The hour-long “Game of Thrones”...

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Should text-to-speech be used to create audio descriptions for TV?

June 4th 2019

While most of us are accustomed to seeing subtitled or signed video content (and may even rely on subtitles to watch videos when we’re...

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