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5 of the best jobs for bilinguals and polyglots

May 12th 2016

One of the key advantages of speaking more than one language is that it can give you a strong edge over other candidates when...

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Simplify your transcription workflow with the T1000 server

May 5th 2016

Simplify your transcription workflow with Take 1’s T1000 server, providing high-volume post teams with direct, 24/7 access to our highly trained transcribers.  For more...

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6 Reasons to learn a second language

May 5th 2016

More and more industries are becoming global thanks to better internet connections and stronger communication links. From film and TV to manufacturing and retail,...

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Meet Take 1 Transcription at NAB 2016

April 15th 2016

Are you headed to Las Vegas for the NAB Show next week? So are we! Take 1 Sales Manager Josh Lampf will be on...

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The Ultimate Guide to a High Quality Transcription Job: Steps, Mistakes and More

April 4th 2016

Want to learn about the steps of transcription? We have created the ultimate guide to a high-quality transcription job, where you will discover all...

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Six Game of Thrones facts you may not know

April 1st 2016

Game of Thrones will be back on our screens on April 25th with the much-anticipated 6th season. This cult HBO series has been around...

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