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5 reasons why buying transcripts makes sense

Post Author Take1 / November 28th 2013

So you can’t afford to get transcripts, huh?

Actually, you can’t afford not to…

Here’s our quick guide to the hidden costs of cutting corners

5 reasons why buying transcripts makes sense…

  1. Transcripts help you locate your sound-bites really fast! Scan-read them on screen or run a search for specific words. With high volumes of footage to manage, trying to find sound-bites without them is almost impossible.
  2. Transcripts enable you to do a paper edit and go into an edit completely prepared. So print yours out, reach for the highlighter pen and get back to the old school!
  3. Transcripts can be imported into Avid Script-sync. We can supply a .txt file which syncs to your footage and then allows you to quickly jump to an exact time-code  or word right on the timeline. It will save you hours.
  4. Transcripts actually save you money because they allow you to be prepared – trying to sync pull in the edit is not an efficient workflow. You will actually spend more money on Avid hire and Editor fees in the long run.
  5. Transcripts are accurate. Loggers are not. Hiring a logger is a false economy. They’re slow and they don’t have the right tools for the job. So next time you’re thinking of cutting corners and paying a logger £350 a week, don’t!

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