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5 TV shows that tried to replace Friends

Post Author Take1 / March 7th 2016

Whilst we’re not saying anything against the TV shows that we are about to mention, there’s a reason why we are all still loving every single Friends episode that goes on TV, even after over 20 years… and some of these just don’t quite cut it.

How I Met Your Mother

Probably the second closest thing to a Friends replacement, but still not quite there: How I Met Your Mother. It had the same gist to it – five friends in their late twenties and early thirties, living in New York.

Working through, and mostly resolving, an array of relatable problems from work, love and family, How I Met Your Mother and its characters did very well and lasted a whole nine seasons; although debatably, this was too long to find out how Ted actually did meet their mother.

The Big Bang Theory

Still ongoing after eight seasons already, The Big Bang Theory could be considered the next runner-up after How I Met Your Mother when considering popular shows that replaced our beloved Friends.

Yet again, we’ve got a group of fairly average friends, but this time we’ve got some particularly intelligent individuals – known most commonly as ‘nerds’. Add a ‘girl next door’ type, and there we have it! Again, these characters go about their regular lives – of course, with a little bit of (unlikely) romance in the mix.

New Girl

Another TV show that’s still going strong and can be considered as an attempt to replace Friends is New Girl. It’s funny, enjoyable, binge watch-worthy and quaint, but just isn’t Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey.

If you’re a fan of awkward comedy, then you will love this. With a sufficient amount of hilariousness, sarcasm, and cringe-worthy moments and characters, New Girl covers the developing friendship of three guys and Jess (Zoey Deschanel) living in a loft in Los Angeles.

Cougar Town

As if they needed to make it any more obvious that they were trying to replace Friends, they even stole a character. Monica made a move over to the American sitcom, Cougar Town which ran for a total of six seasons.

But with this, Courteney Cox wasn’t acting as the over-the-top, slightly obsessive Monica that we all know and love. Instead, she portrays Jules; a recently divorced, single mother facing the trials and tribulations of re-entering the dating world as an older woman. And you guessed it – she finds herself to be quite the cougar. See you later, Chandler!


Here they go again, stealing characters! But this time, it was slightly more deliberate with Joey being well known as a spin-off from Friends. One of our all-time favourite characters, Joey made the move over to this TV show which was broadcast in the same year the Friends ended, even taking its parent series’ old time slot.

It’s safe to say that this was a bit of a flop, and came nowhere close to replicating the same popularity as Friends did. It lasted two seasons though; two seasons too many, perhaps?

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