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A day in the life of a Post Supervisor…

Post Author Take1 / August 8th 2013

You’re jetlagged, and exhausted.

The shoot went well and you got some great location interviews in the bag.

The hire car was OK, and aside from breaking that microphone, everything went pretty well.

Now you just need to fly back home with the hard drives and you’re ready to rush in to a hectic offline editing schedule.

But wait.

I’m sure there was one more thing to organize

Didn’t my Director say something about wanting transcripts at last week’s Production Meeting?   He’s a real stickler for paper editing and hates going in to an edit without being prepared.

Shit.  Who should I call?  I don’t want to piss him off. I think he likes me, and if I do a good job, I’m bound to get booked to run that awesome new show that’s in development.

something about Space exploration..

The last time I used a transcription company they made me look like a complete idiot. They couldn’t read the files. They never answered their phone.

And what they sent me back was so badly transcribed Pete hit the roof.

“James – make sure you use a decent company this time. OK?”

“Sure Pete. Don’t worry”

“I want the transcripts by tomorrow. Without fail”

Who the hell am I going to call?

Wait….  Wasn’t there something in my inbox recently from a company called Take 1?

They have that nice logo with the speech marks. Website looks good too.

A number of big shows are using them already. Always a good sign…

But are they going to be able to work from these weird proxy files that my camera generated?  I just need some sleep. Well here goes nothing..


“James, Pete wants to see you in his office.”

“Shit, what did he say?”

“He didn’t”


“Come in. Sit down. James – these transcripts are…. incredible!  Who did them?

“Oh just a great company I found called Take 1. ”

“Well make sure you give me their number, I want to use them on that NASA pilot next month. Tonnes of interviews. Speaking of which, I’m going to need a good Post Sup…”

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