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Choosing a subtitle company and what they have to get right!

Post Author Take1 / February 18th 2014

There’s a lot riding on the outcome when you pick a subtitling service, make the wrong choice and your content can literally be lost in translation. So what are the features you should be looking for when you select a subtitling business so viewers aren’t left with bemused looks on their faces? We think these factors are pretty important if you want subtitles to be a success.

Accuracy – Place subtitles on a television screen and they should faithfully portray what the actors are saying. Whether the language is being translated or the speech is being subtitled for the hard of hearing, the titles have to be 100% accurate otherwise they have failed, you have failed and the subtitling team has failed as well.

Reliability – Subtitlers should provide a reliable service. Hand them a project and you need to know they’ll deliver, within the timescales agreed. Promptness and attention to detail are good character traits of subtitlers and a reliable, dependable service is something you should take as read.

Cultural understanding – Accurate subtitling involves a great understanding of cultural references, interpretations have to be made of localised languages and the physiognomies of regional speech need to be addressed as well. This is second nature to professional subtitlers, they understand the importance of getting these details right.

Training – We wouldn’t let our subtitlers loose on projects without extensive training at Take 1 and we’d expect other companies to do exactly the same. Our subtitlers are tested above the call of duty and they undergo extensive training to make them the best in the business.

Experience – Always check the level of experience before you hire a subtitling service, we have over 14 years’ experience at Take 1. In this time we have worked with countless client and produced accurate, reliable subtitles for a diverse range of projects.

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