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Take 1’s express transcription services can help you cross the finish line!

Post Author Take1 / July 28th 2016

This summer, it’s all about speed, even for us non-athletes. Whether you’re producing time-sensitive content in Brazil, dealing with an unforeseen time-crunch, or simply looking for ways to save in Post Production, Take 1’s express transcription services can help you cross the finish line.

When it comes to tight turnaround times, you can trust Take 1 Transcription to carry the baton.


In an ideal world, workflows would be well-paced and run like clockwork. You would plan ahead, schedule all your deliverables on a slow turnaround, sit back and relax. But in real life, we know this isn’t always how it goes.

Maybe you were thrown a curveball at the last minute or the fast-paced nature of the job doesn’t allow for longer wait times — or perhaps you’re looking for clever ways to shorten your edit and spend less. Either way, Take 1 is sure to have an express transcription service to fit your needs!


Everything was under control, until…

Caught in a jam? Have more footage than you thought? OTF shoot scheduled last-minute? This is where we excel. Take 1’s extensive, distributed workforce of over 150 typists enables us to deliver fast, accurate transcripts to our clients around the world in 24 hours or less. So the next time you’re in a pickle, pick up the phone and call Take 1, your 4th emergency hotline!


If you need transcripts in a hurry, call Take 1 Transcription!

If you need transcripts in a hurry, call Take 1 Transcription!


Looking for budgeting shortcuts?

Putting your transcripts on an overnight turnaround might cost you slightly more, but did you ever think about the potential benefits? Aside from the logistical perks of getting your transcripts back faster, it turns out you can spend a little extra and save big time in your edit with our speedy transcription services.

Think how much AE’s and Story Producers cost per week. Then there’s the system and studio rental to consider and any other incidentals to boot. As you know, it all starts adding up pretty quickly. So next time you think selecting a 5-day turnaround will save you money – think again, switch to next-day delivery and shave off a week’s production costs.

Here’s a breakdown of the savings and other advantages you could be accessing by speeding up the transcription process:

Benefits of fast TAT transcription


Headed to Rio?

If you are creating content around sports or any other subject in Brazil this summer, don’t forget that Take 1 is the ultimate secret weapon when filming abroad! Upload your interviews and other media files to us from the road and we’ll hustle to get the transcripts back to your editing team in record time.

If you need media translation services as well, look no further. Take 1 can translate timecoded video footage, and we can also help with the translation of filming release forms, permits, kit lists and more.

So remember, next time you’re in a pinch, don’t stress – Call Take 1! Our friendly, reliable Production team are here to help.

In the UK, upload your files by 6:30pm and we’ll send you the transcripts by noon of the following day. If you upload before 5pm, we may even be able to get them back to you the SAME DAY. Please contact our production office and specify volume, duration, etc. to see if this service is available for your next urgent project: 0800 – 0854418.

In the United States, upload your media by midnight PST and the transcript files will be ready and waiting by the next day at 10am PST. We type while you sleep!

UK: 0800 – 0854418
US: (855) 958 2531


Express Transcript Services from Take 1


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