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Filming abroad in a foreign language?

Post Author Take1 / October 28th 2015

Don’t let your footage slip through the cracks.

So you’re getting ready to film abroad. There are just a few logistics to take care of to ensure you come back home with everything you need. This is where we come in!

Take 1 can provide translation of release forms, kit lists,  foreign language interviews and all other footage.  We can also provide a translator to attend your edit.

After the edit, our expert team can help with subtitling and post production scripts (AKA as broadcast scripts) for international distribution.   We translate just about any language under the sun so wherever you’re headed, we’ve got you covered.

Let us take care of your translation needs so you can focus on capturing the international location in front of you. Whether you’re shooting a TV series, one-off documentary or commercial, Take 1 is your one-stop-shop foreign language filming solution.

Don’t leave town without us!

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