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Take 1 and Forscene Integration Goes Live!

Post Author Take1 / April 19th 2017

Forbidden and Take 1 Partner to Integrate Transcription Capabilities with Forscene


LONDON April 19, 2017 — Forbidden Technologies plc (AIM: FBT), the AIM-quoted owner and developer of the market-leading cloud video platform Forscene, and UK-based Take 1, provider of transcription, captioning, and translation services, have confirmed today that the partnership connecting Take 1’s transcription capability to Forscene is now live. Forscene users will now be able to access Take 1’s service directly from the Forscene interface at the touch of a button, which eliminates the need to prepare and transport large files or other media manually for transcription, and helps to create thorough transcripts that can accelerate the post-production process.


“Many of our production clients rely on time-coded transcription as a source of information during post-production. However, getting those transcripts and turning them into searchable metadata can be a long winded and expensive process,” said Max McGonigal, Head of Operations and Customer Success, Forbidden Technologies plc. “Our partnership with Take 1 has created a super-efficient and cost effective way for production companies, broadcasters, and digital distributors to use transcription services. Our clients are now able to easily use the ‘drag and drop’ functionality of the Forscene UI to achieve a smooth and efficient transcription workflow.”


Unlike the usual transcription process, which requires producers to transcode clips, create and transport DVDs, or send files via FTP to a transcription vendor manually, the integration between Take 1 and Forscene creates an automated process. Producers select the content in Forscene to be transcribed, and then simply click a button to send proxy files to Take 1. Take 1 receives the transcription order and it is processed immediately by the company’s highly trained distributed workforce. Once completed, the transcript is imported back into Forscene as an XML file so that it gets linked back to the master video in the Forscene cloud.


At that point, production teams can use Forscene’s powerful logging functions to add even more metadata around visual descriptors, locations, and other key information. From there, Forscene’s robust search tools can be used to scan the transcript and the additional metadata to find just the right clips. Then teams can use Forscene to complete some or all of the editing process, from stringouts to publishing, with review and approval cycles throughout.


“More and more of our clients are embracing cloud-based post-production and using platforms like Forscene, so we needed to ensure our service was accessible directly from the cloud,” said Dom Bourne, Founder and President of Take 1. “By integrating our transcription service into Forscene, we are removing an entire step in the workflow, allowing content to flow seamlessly from Forscene to Take 1 for immediate transcription, with resulting transcripts importing back effortlessly. This integration helps further compress the time between the shoot and the edit, so clients can focus on making TV programmes rather than worrying about logistics.”


Here’s a video to show how it all works:

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About Take 1

Founded in 1998, Take 1 is the trusted provider of transcription, captioning, and translation services to all the major production companies, studios, and networks in the UK and USA.

Take 1 has a strong understanding of broadcast technologies, file-based workflows and FTP, and has developed sophisticated internal systems to maximize use of its distributed workforce.

Take 1 have developed their own proprietary meta tagging platform, Liberty, which allows them to generate rich XML metadata at scale. Take 1 is a privately held company and is headquartered in Cranbrook, Kent. More information about Take 1 can be found at


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Forbidden develops advanced technologies that enable media makers and broadcasters to create and distribute compelling viewing experiences to demanding worldwide audiences. Forbidden’s flagship product, Forscene, is the world’s most advanced cloud-based video post-production platform. It allows post-production professionals to make and deliver stories with high quality production values in demanding, fast-paced landscapes. Quoted on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market, Forbidden partners with high-profile media and technology organisations, including Atos, BIM, deltatre, EVS, and Key Code Media. More information about Forbidden can be found at More information about Forscene can be found at


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