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Introducing Word the Bird, now delivering globally for Take 1 Transcription

Post Author Take1 / October 3rd 2016

Meet Word. Word the Bird. You may have seen Word zipping across your desk or screen over the past year or so and wondered what his story was. Well, the time has come to make a formal introduction to our small feathered friend.

Aside from being almost too cute for his own good, Word is also fast, friendly and totally trustworthy. In fact, he pretty much embodies everything that we do here at Take 1, which is why we’ve chosen him as our official company mascot!

Word the Bird in NYC

Since 1998, Take 1 has been delivering quality scripts to an ever-growing client base from the UK to the USA and beyond. We specialize in time-coded transcription, post production (or ABS) scripts, translation services, subtitling and closed captions. Effectively we are your one-stop solution for transcription and languaging projects of any type.

At Take 1 we have been perfecting our workflow over the years to make it as simple and intuitive as possible. Uploading to us is easy, we can accept almost any file type, our typists are all highly trained professionals and our formidable team of translators know their target languages inside/out. Our production assistants are knowledgeable, dedicated and kind. And we even have several integrations in the works which will make seamless multi-platform transcript ordering and delivery a possibility in the very near future.

Word in space

What all this comes down to in laymen’s terms is: speed, accuracy, reliability and round-the-clock scripts delivered to the ends of the earth. So whether you’re in an edit room in the heart of London or filming abroad on the other side of the world, all you need is an internet connection strong enough to get your media to us, and Take 1, with the help of Word the Bird, will do the rest.

As for Word, he is thrilled to make your acquaintance, and would love to hear from you directly! Mention “Word the Bird” when you book in your next job with Take 1, and save 5%!*

*Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion or pre-existing arrangement.

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