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Chinese Special

Post Author admin / October 22nd 2012

Take 1 is proud to translate to and from virtually any world language:  Arabic to Zulu, and everything in between!

Chinese Growth

As China’s media industry has experienced enormous growth over recent years, and China becomes an increasingly important market for Western content, the need for good quality, Chinese languaging services is key.  Increasing accessibility of your English language content into Asian languages, can dramatically increase your market reach.

Content Localisation

Take 1’s foreign language department can assist you with international distribution, by supplying accurate subtitles or translations of your content.  We can even help your marketing team by translating promotional literature into multiple languages, and localising your web content.

Right now we’re offering extremely affordable rates, to localise your content into Chinese.  Our translators & subtitlers are experts in their field, and understand the importance of cultural references as well as accurate translations, to ensure Chinese audiences can understand what they’re hearing.

Whatever the genre of your show, or whatever stylistic settings you require, if you’re looking to localise your content into Chinese, our friendly translation team can help.  Contact Jennie or Caroline to see how we can help.


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