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T1000 Turns Heads

Post Author admin / October 30th 2012

T1000 Proving Popular

Our T1000 server is turning heads in the post production sector, especially amongst large reality / doc production companies with high volumes of interview or OTF footage, and busy story teams needing a constant supply of transcripts.

Cutting Edge

Take 1 stays at the cutting edge of today’s ever changing broadcast technology.  By talking regularly to our customers, we find out what technical and workflow challenges they’re facing, and use this feedback to continuously develop our service offerings.

One of these developments is the T1000 server, which sits on your network, creating proxy files directly from your Avid Unity or Isis, and automatically uploads them to our data centre for immediate transcription.  Its easy-to-use interface is a hit, allowing the user to move files into a choice of turnaround folders.

Improves Efficiencies

The T1000 has transformed the transcription workflow in a number of post production offices.  It saves precious production time, improves efficiencies, and offers a sleek way for post departments to tap into Take 1’s professional transcription service.  Take a look at how it did just that for reality producer High Noon Entertainment.

Our CEO, Dom Bourne is currently visiting post departments all over the USA, promoting the T1000.  Contact us on 818-748-9781 if you’d like to learn more.


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