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The best new features in Avid Pro Tools 11

Post Author Take1 / January 13th 2014

Pro Tools 11 has been around for a while now and many of the programs biggest fans have had plenty of time to get to grips with it. Root out its negatives; revel in its positives…

And it’s the latter that we’re going to look at here – the best features that you’ll find in the new Pro Tools 11.

Offline bounce – Probably the most exciting and requested features that’s hit the new Pro Tools is the offline bounce feature.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that you’ll be able to enjoy a much quicker render while sustaining great quality. Pretty good ey?

Pro Tools 11 also offers users the chance to bounce to an MP3 options which again, will save people a lot of time.

64-bit architecture – For the most part, Pro Tools 11 doesn’t look too different from what we know and love. It’s under the hood that most of the changes have been made.

There’s been a re-write and the 32-bit environment has been left to eat PT11’s dust. This means that Pro Tools can now access more memory on your computer. And the more memory it can access, the quicker it’ll be.

So if you’ve recorded a whole orchestra and have countless tracks to manage at once, you don’t have to make do with sluggish software.

Dynamic CPU –In Pro Tools 10 the CPU jumped up when you added plugins. But now, the CPU only kicks in when the plugins are in action, making for a much more efficient way of working and a smoother experience.

And that’s what Pro Tools 11 is really all about. Creating a smoother, easier ride than you’ve had before.

Avid knew that they didn’t have to change the interface. They just had to make alterations behind the scenes. And that’s what they’ve done.

Pro Tools 11 has so many new things that we could talk about. But you shouldn’t read about them. You should experience them. We’ve mentioned 3 of the biggest, and probably the most noteworthy here.

But you can’t see the changes in Pro Tools 11. Only feel them.

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