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The Rising Use of Drones in Film Making

Post Author Take1 / December 28th 2015

Drones are the future of film making.

Since America’s Federal Aviation Administration started to allow evermore film companies to use drones in the USA, increasing numbers of directors are using them in filming. Until a couple of years ago, they were only allowed to be used in Europe and Canada, but with Hollywood catching up fast, you’re sure to see drone use in movies almost constantly.

2015 saw the first film festival centred on the use of drones to make movies, showing just how close we are to seeing a revolution in the way our films are made. A number of popular films and TV shows have already used drones, such as:

    • The Expendables 3
    • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    • Skyfall
    • Narcos
    • Criminal Minds
    • Game of Thrones

Facts on drone use in the film industry

  • The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) first allowed filming with drones to happen in the USA in 2014.
  • Since then, the FAA has given approval to over 200 film companies and individuals to use drones for film production.
  • With helicopter shoots costing at least $25,000 every day of shooting, drones are far more accessible costing only $5,000 per day of shooting for a drone and crew.
  • March 2015 saw the first New York City Drone Festival, the first film festival dedicated to drone-filmed movies.

Why would film makers want to use drones?

  • Due to the cheap costs of drones, low-budget and indie films will have more of a chance to compete with big Hollywood studios, which means more variety for you.
  • Documentaries and action films can capture dangerous shots from a safe distance, improving content for the audience and ensuring the film crew’s security.
  • Drones are incredibly easy to us, as well as being fast and flexible.
  • Because drones are so small and nimble, directors can use them for shots that have previously been impossible, even for helicopters. Challenging set locations are no longer an issue.
  • Drones have three-axis stabilisation, allowing them to account for gusts of wind or changes in the weather. This leads to shots from drones being the same quality as traditional cameras.

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