Online captioning for BBC Ideas

16th September 2020

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Take 1 provides online captioning for all content shared via BBC Ideas.  The contract requires delivery in a range of formats to support the distribution of content online and via social media.

Launched in January of 2018, BBC Ideas is aimed at curious and savvy digital audiences on the move.  The responsive website targets audiences aged 25-45 with thoughtful, factual, short-form video produced by the BBC and a range of contributors including TV and radio indies and small digital-first creators.  BBC Ideas continues to deliver great content covering a range of subjects including psychology, anthropology, sociology, and philosophy, attracting audiences of over 450,000 a week.

Online captions for BBC Ideas

Online captions are provided by Take 1 to meet with accessibility targets and maximise audience reach.  Files are delivered in a variety of formats to support publishing on different content distribution platforms.  All content goes through Take 1’s stringent quality control process and is passed to the BBC Ideas team for playout.

“Increased connectivity and social media have changed video viewing habits irrevocably and provided new, exciting opportunities for forward-thinking broadcasters like the BBC to reach audiences” says Dom Bourne, founder of Take 1. “Captions are an integral part of the often-silent experience of watching online and social video and we’re delighted to be working with the BBC Ideas team.”