Pop Quiz: The ABC’s of Post Production Scripts (aka As Broadcast Scripts)

30th August 2016

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Remember the days when the end of summer evoked that bittersweet emotion: the happy anticipation of crisp new backpacks, notebooks and pencils mixed with a secret fear of the unknown? Luckily not many of us will be headed back to school this fall, so no insurmountable academic challenges to worry about here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tune into the back-to-school spirit long enough to review some fundamental industry terminology.

Here’s a quick and painless refresher course on Post Production Scripts, otherwise known as As Broadcast Scripts.


As Broadcast Script is the name most commonly used in the US for the deliverable called a Post Production Script in the UK. There are many variations of this type of script, but the basic concept is simple: a final timecoded script of each episode in a series, often required by a network, that logs everything from dialogue and on-screen graphics to shot descriptions and music cues, depending on the level of detail required.


Broadcasters generally include PPS/ABS in the list of required network deliverables for the following reasons: legal compliance, to be used as a blueprint for re-languaging (dubbing and/or subtitling) and for reversioning purposes when preparing the programme to be aired in new territories.


Complicated. Is this the first word that comes to mind? It doesn’t need to be. Preparing Post Production Scripts in-house can be a daunting task, but here at Take 1 we have it down to a science. Ask for a quote today, and let us make your life easier!


Don’t forget! If you require both transcription services before your edit and PPS/ABS when delivering to the network, ask about how our package deals can save you money.

So have you figured out the answer to the quiz yet? It’s “d. All of the above!” Post Production Scripts tick all the boxes: language versioning, compliance and delivery to networks! And of course the answer to the bonus question is “As Broadcast Scripts,” or “ABS.” To learn more about this service, click here, or contact us directly for a quote.

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