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searchable scripts

Searchable transcripts

Request our searchable transcripts, and see your transcript come to life!

Transcripts can be delivered to you online, alongside the source videos, with customized tools that perform different functions.

Users can:

  • Navigate through an index of videos, labelled with title, description and tagged by content.
  • Click on a phrase they’re interested in, and watch the video automatically jump to the corresponding section.
  • Type in any key word/phrase, and receive a list of videos including these search terms.

Our searchable transcripts are especially popular with conference organisers.  They enable delegates to quickly search through online footage of seminars, and focus on the sections of interest to them.

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Accurate word for word timecoded transcripts of unedited footage.

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online captioning

Increase accessibility & searchability of your online content

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Detailed, timecoded logs of your video footage to assist you in the edit

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