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The Languages & the Media international conference and exhibition brings together leading academic experts and key industry stakeholders in the world of media localization and access services to share information about the latest trends and technologies.  Take 1 has been invited to participate in the conference and will present a session during the workflow session on Tuesday the 21st of September.  Here’s a taste of what attendees can look forward to


Why artisan and at-scale localization services aren’t mutually exclusive”

Tuesday, Sept. 21st from 5pm CEST


The digital revolution and subsequent explosion of streaming services means there’s suddenly an unprecedented demand for global and accessible content.   With thousands of subtitling and dubbing units per production, we simply haven’t had the time to develop and grow the resources needed to match the demand. In this situation, it’s easy to believe that we have no option but to sacrifice the quality of these services to make up the quantity.  But there are ways to improve the efficiency of our localization and access service workflows so that our teams have enough time to maintain – and even enhance – the creative integrity of the original production.


In this session, Take 1’s VP of localization, Yelena Makarczyk, and product manager, Joshua Martin, will discuss how transcription data, cloud workflows and clever resourcing make it possible for localization and access service providers to maintain the creative integrity of productions, even when working with high volumes of content.


Take 1’s representatives will discuss how localization and access teams are similar to an orchestra and how a single, high-quality transcript can serve as the sheet music for the global content supply chain.   They will examine how producing transcripts as interchangeable data creates efficiencies so that our talent spends less time on technical accuracy and more time enhancing the content with creative nuance.   Other methods of improving efficiency without compromising the creative process will also be explored, including the value of cloud-based platforms, automation tools and the need for standardisation in the industry.  Naturally, the use of AI-enabled tools is discussed at length, although some of the suggested applications of AI may be surprising to those that think ASR has got the future of localization all wrapped up.  Finally, they will discuss how treating localization and access services like a closely guarded secret makes it impossible to scale and the importance of developing multi-skilled teams to ensure that all audiences get the video experiences they deserve.


Take 1 customers qualify for reduced registration fees for the Language & the Media 2021 event, get in touch with our team now to find out how to claim your discount.