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How do I start using your transcription services?

Simply call us on 0800 0854418 or +44 (0)1580 720923 (UK customers) or (855) 958 2531 (US customers) to set up an account, then send us your completed booking form.

How do I get my recorded material to you?

You can upload media to our Take 1 Uploader, or deliver physical media to our Media Deposit Point in central London, our Head Office in Kent, or our office in West Hollywood. Find out more here.

I have lots of material to be transcribed, will you give me a volume discount?

Call us on 0800 0854418 (UK) or (855) 958 2531(US) and talk to us about your particular project. We will do our best to fit in with your budget and schedule.

Can you cut out the questions and just provide me with a transcript of the answers?

You can choose whether you want the questions included, summarized or excluded. You can also choose whether you want your transcripts completely verbatim, or without ums, ers, coughs etc.

Can you include shot logs and music cues in my Post Production Script?

We certainly can. Sounds like our TX04 Post Production Script is just right for you. View our example scripts here.

Will you use digital voice recognition to produce my transcripts?

No. Your transcripts will be produced by one of our highly experienced, and accurate typists.

How quickly will I get my transcripts?

You choose a turnaround time to fit your schedule. We can deliver transcripts within a few hours if you’re in a hurry.

In what formats are finished transcripts delivered?

Finished transcripts can be saved as Word docs, XML files, and are readable on both Mac and PC. Our scripts are also Avid ScriptSync or Pilotware compatible, which means that the minute your scripts are delivered, your editor can see them in the Avid.

How will my transcripts be delivered?

Our usual policy is to email completed transcripts to you as soon as they’re completed. We can upload to a server if you’d prefer.

What formats can you transcribe from?

We can transcribe from virtually any audio or video format, and can read metadata timecode. See here for guidance on our optimum filetypes and filesizes.

What recording tips can you offer me?

In order for us to produce the best transcripts, it is important that the source audio is well recorded and clear.  It is helpful if:

  • High quality microphones & cables can be used at all times
  • Where possible, the interviewer has their own mic
  • If recording digitally, please use a bit-rate of at least 128kbps

How often do I get invoiced?

Your invoice will be sent to you as soon as the transcripts are completed, which helps you keep on top of your budget.

How should we label the files?

Please ensure your files are clearly named and that they include the camera roll number and interviewee names if relevant.  Ideally, any filenames should be formatted as follows:  001-James Smith.MP4.  In this example, 001 would be the roll number, and James Smith would be the interviewee name.  Please note that the hyphen separating the roll number and interviewee name is important, and no other hyphens should be included.

What is the guarantee of my material’s confidentiality?

We have several safeguards to ensure confidentiality. By using only encrypted mail and/or our own Take 1 Uploader, it is virtually impossible for files to go astray. We’ve many years experience working on highly confidential material for production companies, networks & governmental organizations, and all our staff and transcribers have signed a confidentiality agreement safeguarding the content of your material.

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