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Take 1 Breaks Word Count Record

28th November 2018

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Take 1 is proud to share the news that, in October 2018, the team successfully delivered the largest volume of transcriptions, As Broadcast Scripts and translations to the broadcast industry in the company’s history.


October and November are traditionally busy months for Take 1 as production companies ramp up their activities in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas programme deliveries.  But, with pre-edit transcriptions accounting for a significant amount of October’s workload, it seems like an increased demand for unscripted productions, rather than for festive content, could be behind Take 1’s bumper month.


Pre-edit transcriptions provide producers of high-shoot-volume productions, like unscripted or reality programming, with an accessible and cost-effective way to review their content and plan storylines before they go into edit.  Take 1 provides transcription services to some of the world’s leading producers of non-scripted content including Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NBC’s Peacock Productions, High Noon Entertainment and ITV America – one of the largest independent non-scripted producers in the US.


A large proportion of the increased workload was for the US market and Take 1 opened their third base in the Americas, also in October, to support this growing market.  The company’s ability to provide overnight turnarounds and their reputation for excellent client service have helped secure Take 1’s place in this region, but their unrivalled accuracy is what has provided the impetus for growth, proving that the demand for human-generated transcriptions is unabated.


“This achievement doesn’t just represent one month’s success,” explains Take 1 CEO, Louise Tapia.  “It takes months of effort across the entire organisation to secure the business, implement the right technology, build the capacity and, finally, to deliver a product that we’re proud to be associated with.   That’s why we’re confident that this record isn’t a one-off accomplishment, but an indication of Take 1’s growing stature in the market.”