Take 1 donating profits from Ukrainian translations to humanitarian efforts

30th March 2022

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The conflict happening in Ukraine is close to our hearts here at Take 1, both because we have linguists based in the region and because our VP of localisation, Yelena Makarczyk, is Ukrainian and has a number of family members still on the ground.  

In Yelena’s own words “The past month has been very difficult for all in Ukraine. My cousin in Kiev has been in a shelter, fearful of the explosions, which already took down six buildings near her. My cousin near Dnipro is helping soldiers (who are now neighbors and friends taking up arms) with food and essentials. My cousin’s husband started refugee camp efforts to help people fleeing destroyed towns. My classmate provides rides to those trying to flee. Children were able to cross the border as a result.” 

She continues, “My cousin in Krivoy Rog, who is a teacher, now needs to be strong for thirty-two 11 to 12-year-old kids who are in utter shock of what’s happening, and she needs to be that mama goose to keep their spirits safe. Some children are now safe in Europe, and we want to help more.” 

Based on the feedback we’ve received, and recent media reports, whilst the aid workers supporting those effected by this conflict really appreciate the goods and supplies that people are sending to Ukraine, what they really need now are cash donations.    

With this in mind, Take 1 will be donating the profits from all our Ukrainian and Russian translation services to a GoFundMe campaign set up by Yelena which is dedicated to delivering humanitarian help for people in Ukraine. 

Because Take 1 works with in-territory translators, any Ukrainian translations will also help local freelancers to earn a living during these uncertain times. 

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You can find more information about the fundraising efforts here.

Donations as small as $1-10 can go a long way to helping provide basics like food and shelter to schoolteachers, soldiers, and people in need. As of 30th March 2022, the page has reached a total of $11,700, with a goal to raising $20,000 total.  

During this difficult time, Take 1 are committed to helping Ukrainian people affected by the conflict, and hope to make a difference where we can. 

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