Transcription Services

Take 1’s video transcription service combines the best aspects of  human intelligence and speech-to-text technology to provide fast, accurate and affordable transcripts.  

We offer a range of transcription products to suit all budgets and workflows. 

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We can deliver automated transcripts within minutes of your request.  Or, if you’re looking for both speed and accuracy, our global team of transcribers can type while you sleep, providing an overnight turnaround delivering 99% accurate transcripts.  And we never miss a deadline.   


Our highly skilled, professional transcription team provides unrivalled accuracy for projects that need to be word-perfect. Alternatively, choose our ASR transcription service for quick turnaround on high-quality transcripts, available with or without human polishing.


We offer a range of transcription services to suit every budget and quote each project according to your specific requirements.  We don’t bill extra for timecoded transcripts or multiple speakers and we don’t do hidden charges – what we quote is what you’ll pay.  And projects with less pressing deadlines qualify for discounted rates.    


We understand production workflows and we know that no two projects are the same so we support a range of formats and can deliver your transcript in whatever layout works for you.  All of our transcripts are Scriptsync, Premiere Pro and FCP compatible.  

Global transcription team

We use a team of global, professional transcribers to produce highly accurate transcriptions for the media and entertainment industry.  Our distributed workforce allows Take 1 to operate 24/7 and turn around high volumes of work very quickly, without compromising on quality.

  • Send us your files via:
  • Our secure cloud platform
  • dropbox 
  • Box 
  • WeTransfer 
  • Google Drive 
  • API connection

Simply the best transcription technology

As well as integrating with the best automated transcription software available, we have developed our own technology to help our clients unlock the power of words. The Liberty Platform delivers transcriptions as structured, searchable data that can easily be repurposed into the various documents and reports needed for global content production and distribution while the Take 1 Cloud provides seamless video transcription workflows to the company’s worldwide client base.

Speed up your post-production with pre-edit transcipts

Our verbatim transcriptions are perfect for story teams, journalists and filmmakers.  Quickly find the soundbites, story-arcs or contributors you need for your edit using our fully searchable, interview transcripts.   

Broadcast deliverables made easy

Meeting the network deliverables for your broadcast submission has never been easier with our timecoded transcripts.  Whether you need to submit as broadcast scripts to an American network or post production scripts to a broadcaster in the UK, we can provide tv transcriptions that meet their needs.


Our range of network approved post-production scripts contain rich metadata.

Choose from:

  • Dialogue 
  • On Screen text
  • Forced Narratives
  • Timecode
  • Scene Descriptions

Now available to everyone

After providing transcriptions to the broadcast industry for the last twenty years, we know a thing or two about transcribing video and audio content.  Now, whether you’re looking for legal transcription, corporate transcription, financial transcription or any other kind, you can get your videos transcribed by the people that broadcasters trust.