Transcription Services

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Choose from ASR, Human Generated or Human edited ASR.

  • Timecoding included free
  • No hidden costs for multiple voices
  • We’ll match any layout
  • Cloud-based secure platform
  • 99% accuracy guranteed
  • Word, TXT, XML, JSON, TTML
  • Scriptsync compatible no extra cost
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99% accurate fast transcription using AI and human intelligence. Discover what’s inside your audio/video files.

Perfect for story teams, journalists and film-makers. Quickly find the soundbites, story-arc or contributors you need in fully searchable transcripts.

Any layout and format including Word, Text, Avid Scriptsync, Premiere and FCP.

Simplify your workflow through our cloud platform

Post Production Scripts

Network approved post production scripts.

  • Post Production Scripts
  • As Broadcast Scripts
  • Dialogue Lists
  • Spotting Lists & CCSL

Our range of network approved post production scripts contain rich metadata.

Choose from:

  • Dialogue 
  • On Screen text
  • Forced Narratives
  • Timecode
  • Scene Descriptions