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Being a Take 1'er


There’s a strong team ethos at Take 1, manifested in who we are, how we behave and what we believe in.

We have 9 core values:

Own it

We take pride in owning our responsibilities,
and hold ourselves accountable for outcomes.
We don’t pass the buck. Colleagues and clients are relying on us, so we deliver on our promises and learn from our mistakes.

No Bulls***t

We are open and honest in all our dealings. Building trust builds a better company so we strive to ensure our communication with everyone is clear and transparent.

Enjoy the journey

We are a unique bunch of talented people who work hard and play hard, making sure we have fun together along the way.

Wow customers

Our customers are front and centre of everything we do. We ensure client success by exceeding expectations and listening to their needs as a partner, not just a vendor.

Support & empower

We encourage, empower, support and respect each other in all areas of our lives.

Win as a team

We score goals and win matches by playing to our strengths, and celebrating successes together.

Think big

We aim high, think big and embrace change. We challenge our ideas of what’s possible and believe in the philosophy that
“If you can dream it, you can do it…”

Find a better way

We ask ‘Why?’, ‘How?’ and ‘What if?’ We present innovative solutions, not problems and if something can be automated we don’t hang about. One of our mantras is
“Sharper, faster, smarter.”

Be a Take 1'er

Interested in becoming a Take 1’er?

We want to hear from amazing, talented people brimming with ideas & enthusiasm who are ready to join us our journey.