When two worlds collide – by CTO Adam Hewes

12th May 2022

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Having worked in the Media and Entertainment industry for over 18 years and being a Dad to 3 sons, I’ve seen many changes; 16×9 broadcast content, HD, the Analogue Switch off and the rise of VOD and UHD. It’s always been clear to me that the future of entertainment was going to be IP based. I’ve said many times before that one day we’ll have one platform that will rule them all and the viewer will look for content they want rather than worrying about who’s supplying it. Will that day come – who knows? So far we have a plethora of platforms to choose from and it’s growing every year.

I’ve been an avid gamer from a young age and relive my youth through my sons enjoyment of gaming. They just have much more time on their hands than I do! It’s clear to see the parallels between TV/Film and gaming are becoming closer all the time. The current buzz around Block Chain and Metaverse and how this can be used for content owners and broadcasters takes us down an interesting route. This really excites me – a collision of many of my professional and personal interests. Technologies I’ve used in my YouTube world are now becoming mainstream in the professional broadcast world, allowing a more remote production and collaborative work experience. I’ve always been one to push the boundaries of the “this is the way we’ve always done it”. My preferred approach is “there must be a better way”. Technology is always improving. How I resolved an issue in the past may not be the way I’d do it now, but I’ve got enough years under my belt to build upon and think about what is needed to replicate in a cloud enabled world.

So what are my thoughts on the Metaverse, what impact do I believe it has on Media Entertainment?


You can imagine how often Fortnite and YouTube are on in our house! Fortnite has provided exclusive shows and performances from Megastars within their game platform.  Initially, this may seem a really odd mix up to take a third person shooter and provide a virtual concert to a bunch of young gamers.  It shouldn’t work but it does. I’ve seen the excitement in my children’s eyes as they get to watch their Megastar perform within their favourite game. In the Metaverse world, another big player and popular platform for children is Roblox.  This one makes way more sense to me as it’s a user based created world.  Gamers also have the opportunity to build their own virtual worlds, either by simple drag and drop of code much like Scratch or IDE text based coding. Roblox annually hold their awards ceremony within their own platform, the player can bounce around a room and loads of gamification centred and themed around it – super smart stuff. Being a STEM ambassador myself it’s great to see the future of our technical world built in front of my very own eyes!

In the news recently, Spotify announced their new Metaverse on Roblox platform, which shows some big brands really pushing into the Metaverse:

There are a lot of very clever producers and creatives out there who are keen to be able to take advantage and be early adopters of the Metaverse – and why not. I’ve seen for myself how the future consumers of this content interact with it and what it means to them.  It’s fun and exciting and we’re all hooked to gamification in our lives so it makes a lot of sense this could take off, not be a fad and disappear into obscurity *cough* like 3D.

We know the technologies do exist and there are creatives out there with the ideas, you just have to find the Technologist brave enough to merge the 2 worlds.

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